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The Menu

We bring you an exciting menu.

The Commons  With its unique features and warm, friendly atmosphere, “Commons” has created a new dimension in Coffee Houses and is well known to be a “cozy hang out” place. Catering to every palette, including Vegetarians, the extensive menu offers a great choice of Food, Beverages and Desserts.

The Rotti cart serves Plain or Cheese Rottis with a choice of savory or sweet fillings, Kottu Rotti and Pol Rottis. The hot Sri Lankan favorite – Hoppers are also available after 6 pm For those with a sweet tooth there is a wide choice of desserts from the Dessert cupboard for yours to discover.

The Commons features a variety of Beverages which include a selection of hot & cold coffees, fresh fruit juices and milk shakes which is known to be the best in town.

Please contact the Restaurant Manager  on 2694435 for more information

Breakfast Treat

Two Eggs Rs. 500
Made to order (Poached, Fried, Scrambled or Boiled)
Served with Grilled Tomato, Hash Brown Potato & Toasted Bread
Three Egg Cheese Omelette Rs. 545
With your choice of filling (Savoury, Tuna, Bacon or Mushroom)
Served with toasted Bread
Thai Crab Omelette Rs. 510
Sausage & Potato Wrap Rs. 500
Chicken Omelette Roll Rs. 510
Breakfast Pancakes with Maple Syrup Rs. 440
Oatmeal with Banana, Raisins & Maple Syrup Rs. 430
Porridge Rs. 400
Seasonal Fresh Fruit Platter Rs. 700
American Breakfast Rs. 650
With your choice of
  • Two Eggs any style
  • Cornflakes
  • Toasted Bread with Butter & Jam
  • Orange, Pineapple, Papaya or Melon Fruit Juice
  • Tea or Coffee
English Breakfast Rs. 795
With your choice of
  • Two Eggs any style
  • Grilled Tomato, Baked Beans or Sautéed Mushrooms
  • Chicken Bacon or Sausage
  • Slice of Pineapple or Papaya
  • Toasted Bread with Butter & Jam
  • Orange, Lime or Papaya Juice
  • Tea or Coffee
Sri Lankan - String-hoppers with Fish curry/Kirihodi & Pol Sambol Rs. 495

Soup Kettle

Tomato Rs 410
Pumpkin Rs 410
Cream of Chicken Rs 430
Chicken Mulligatawny Rs 430
Prawn Tom Yum Rs 450
Brown Onion Rs 400
Seafood Laksa Rs 525
Vegetarian Laksa Rs 480

Salads & Crispy Greens

Salata Athens (Greek Salad) Rs 569
Tandoori Chicken Salad Rs 569
New York Caesar (Smoked Salmon) Rs 720
New York Caesar (Grilled Chicken) Rs 580
Seafood & glass noodle Rs 585
Chicken Hawaiian Rs 560
Nifty Nicoise Rs 560
Commons signature Rs 620


Tagliatelle Marinara Rs 760
Spaghetti Bolognaise Rs 690
(V) Penne Pasta con Funghi (Pasta tossed in rich succulent Mushroom ragout) Rs 650
Baked Macaroni with Herb enriched Chicken Rs 670
Home-made Beef or Chicken Lasagna Rs 700
(V) Vegetable Pasta Rs 650
Chilli Prawn Pasta Rs 750
(V) Vegetable Moussaka Rs 650
Spaghetti Carbonara (chi ham/bacon) Rs 710

Waffles & Rolls

Chicken & Mushroom Waffle Rs 495
Spicy Crab Waffle Rs 510
(V) Mixed Vege Waffle Rs 495
(V) Herbed Savoury Cheesy Waffle Rs 495
Bacon & Egg Morning Delight Rs 500

Sandwich Sensation

Tuna & Wasabi Sandwhich Rs 540
Avocado & Shrimp Sandwich Rs 675
(V) Grilled Eggplant, Zucchini & Carrot Sandwhich Rs 510
Commons Club Decker Rs 665
Grilled Beef & Mustard Mayo Sandwich Rs 560
(V) Cottage Cheese Sandwich Rs 530
Chef's Special Triple Decker Sandwich (Sandwhiches served with French fries) Rs 890
(V) Cheese & Tomato Melt Rs 400
Tandoori Chicken Melt Rs 435
Prawn Masala Melt Rs 450
(V) Seeni Sambol Melt Rs 400
(V) Savoury Cheese Melt Rs 400

Wraps & Crepes

Tandoori Chicken Wrap Rs 520
Chicken Kathi Wrap Rs 525
Grain Mustard Cheesy Beef Wrap Rs 520
(V) Cheesy Vege & Tofu Wrap Rs 490
(V) Paneer Kathi Kebab Wrap Rs 510
Chicken & Mushroom Crepes Rs 545
Seafood Crepes with Mustard Sauce Rs 590
Crab Crepes with Pepper Sauce Rs 590
(V) Creamy Vege Crepes with Mustard Sauce Rs 525
Chicken Enchiladas Rs 690
(V) Vege Enchiladas Rs 670
Chicken Shawarma Rs 510
Crab Pie Rs 750
Chicken Pie Rs 670
(V) Vege Pie (Pies served with salad) Rs 670

Fruits of the Ocean (Seafood Range)

Sole Fish Briton Rs 800
(Pan fried sole fillet with mushroom, herb butter sauce, fries & vegetable)
Pan Fried Fillet of Baramundi (Modha) Rs 800
with Lemon Butter Sauce & Grilled Zucchini
Fish & Chips with Tartar Dip Rs 710
Grilled Seer Fish with onion Mash & vegetables Rs 900
Grilled Prawns with Dill Mustard sauce, Pesto Mash & vegetables Rs 810
Prawn Sanfransisco Rs 800
Grilled Seafood Platter Rs 1490
(Calamari, Shrimp, Snapper, Mushroom, & Tamarind dipping sauce)
Sri Lankan Style Prawn Curry with Fresh Bread & Pol Sambol Rs 660
Traditional Baked Crab Rs 775

On the Meat Side of Things

Chicken in the basket Rs 650
Dijon Honey Chicken with Red Cabbage Slaw & Buttered Beans Rs 720
Chicken Satay & peanut sauce, pickle with noodle or rice Rs 710
Asian glazed Chicken thigh with curry flavoured veges & fried onion rice Rs 720
Grandma’s Beef Stew with Toasted Bread Rs 695
Chilli Steak with Hash Brown & Spinach Tomato Salad Rs 740
Fillet Steak Madagascar Rs 740
(Grilled beef steak with black pepper corn sauce served with buttered vegetables and fries)
Beef Stroganoff with Rice or Pasta Rs 620
Cottage Pie Rs 700
Thai style Lamb curry with Thai noodles Rs 795
Shepherd's Pie Rs 795

The Common Dog

Pickled Chilli Dog (chilli sauce/salsa) Rs 490
BBQ (bbq sauce/onion/cheese) Rs 490
Commons Bolognaise Dog (bolo sauce/cheese) Rs 510
Killer Bacon Dog (bacon/pepper sauce/savoury) Rs 510


French fries Rs 350
Cheesy Fries Rs 525
Spicy Potato Wedges Rs 350
Hot Garlic Chicken Wings Rs 470
Savoury Cheese Toast Rs 425
Hummus with Pita Rs 430
Batter or Crumb fried Calamari rings Rs 690
Crumb fried Prawns with hot mustard tomato sauce Rs 695
Crab Rolls Rs 510
Fish fingers with garlic lemon mayo Rs 480

The Rice Bowl

Mongolian Chicken Rice Rs 695
Mongolian Lamb Rice Rs 740
Mongolian Prawn Rice Rs 700
(V) Mongolian Vege Rice Rs 570
Vietnamese Crab Rice Rs 700
Stir Fried Chicken with Steamed Rice & Salad Rs 625
Stir Fried Pepper Lamb with Salad & Steamed Rice Rs 795
(V) Stir Fried Vegetables with Garlic Rice Rs 560
(V) Bean-curd in garlic soya sauce with Steamed Rice Rs 560
Stir Fried Pad Thai Noodle (Chicken/Prawn/Veggie) Rs 710
Thai red curry fish or chicken with Steamed Rice Rs 695
Chicken Khorma & Raita with Rice or Godamba rotti Rs 695
Hawaiian Chicken Rice Rs 695
Spicy Indonesian Rice Rs 660
(V) Pav Bhaji with Rice/Bread or Parata Rs 570


Steamed & Stuffed Chicken with Mushroom, Spinach & steamed veggies
(sauce on request)
Rs 720
Thai Steamed Fish Sandwich Rs 585
Fish bon Fomme Rs 725
(Poached fish fillet topped with mushroom & served with steamed rice & boiled vegetables)
Grilled Chicken pita wrap (served with kidney beans) Rs 595
Grilled Beef Brown Bread Sandwich (served with crispy salad) Rs 570
Grilled Chicken Kebabs with Basil sauce Rs 700
(chicken kebabs marinated in a mixture of healthy condiments & fresh basil sauce)
Stir Fried Pepper Lamb with Salad & Steamed Rice Rs 795
Spicy Grilled Chicken Breast & fruity Couscous with salad & spicy herb sauce Rs 725
(V) Couscous with Curried Vegetables & Nuts Rs 700

Juice Bar

Orange/Mandarin Rs 350
Lime Rs 320
Mango Rs 340
Papaya Rs 330
Passion fruit Rs 330
Pineapple Rs 330
Watermelon Rs 330
Orange & Carrot Rs 360
Sour Sop Rs 350
Mixed Fruit Rs 380
Lime & Mint Frappé Rs 350
Orange/Mandarin Frappé Rs 350
Passion Fruit Frappé Rs 350


Vanilla Rs 365
Chocolate Rs 365
Strawberry Rs 365
Double Chocolate Rs 400
Coffee Rs 390
Hawaiian Twist Milkshake Rs 400
Banana Rs 375
Avocado Rs 430
Brownie Rs 430


Cola Float Rs 275
Pepsi Cola Rs 165
Mirinda Rs 165
7UP Rs 165
Ginger Beer Rs 165
Lime Soda Rs 320
Hot Chocolate Rs 365
Mexican Hot Chocolate Rs 395
Cinnamon Mocha Hot chocolate Rs 395
Iced Tea Rs 260
Tea Rs 215
Mineral Water Rs 115

The Coffee Bar

Regular Coffee Rs 270
Cappuccino Rs 330
Crème Brulee Cappuccino Rs 360
Café Latte Rs 330
Caramel Latte Rs 350
Almond Toffee Coffee Rs 360
Choc Chunk Cookie Latte Rs 360
Café Mocha Rs 340
Cafe Mexicano Rs 350
Commons Valencia Rs 310
Raspberry Mocha Rs 360
Spiced Latte Rs 360
Cafe Venus Rs 360
Cafe Bianco Rs 360
Macchiato Rs 300
Hazelnut Macchiato Rs 325
Espresso Rs 270
Double Espresso Rs 330


Iced Coffee Rs 260
Cinnamon Spiced Iced Coffee Rs 375
Coffee Float Amazement Rs 310
Thai Iced Coffee Rs 310
Blackcurrent Choc Coffee Rs 450
Iced Chocolate Choco-cino Rs 360
Iced Mojito Latte Rs 450
Caramel Cafe Ice Cream float Rs 380
Choc Chip Fudge Frappe Rs 470
Mochaccino Rs 460
Cookie Nut Frappe Rs 470
Choc Caramel Frappe Rs 470
Add on’s
Hazelnut/Amaretto/Chocolate Rs 100

Groovy Treats

Fudge Brownie Rs 235
Choc biscuit pudding Rs 325
Brownie Sundae Rs 395
Nutty Sundae Rs 390
Triple Fruit Sundae Rs 395
Waffle with Ice Cream & Nut Crunch Rs 365
Waffle with Fruit & Cream Rs 395
Baked Alaska Rs 395
Knickerbocker Glory Rs 425
Banana Fritters Rs 380
(Check the Dessert Cupboard for Special Treats)

All prices are subject to govt tax and service charge.
Prices are subject to change without prior notice
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