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Rotti Cart

Ever since the Commons Rotti Karaththaya (cart) set its wheels in motion to satisfy all those rotti cravings that make your tummy rumble, savoring your favorite rotti has never been this exciting. The novel rotti concept, which took Sri Lanka by storm in 2007 continues to enjoy phenomenal success.

What’s more, a tempting spread of rottis coupled with a wonderful selection of fillings, both spicy and sweet, offered exclusively by the rotti cart can also be enjoyed in the cozy environs of your home or office.

The Rotti Cart rewards their customers through a loyalty program for rotti delivery and take-away. For every rotti delivered or taken-away, customers are entitled to a rotti coupon which could be collected and redeemed at The Commons Coffee House. In addition, fans of ‘The Commons Rotti Cart’ Face-Book page can post recipe’s for rotti fillings and be rewarded with prizes for the best recipe of the month. Their recipe in turn would be adjudged ‘Rotti of the Month’.

The mobile Commons rotti cart, with its authentic flavors that suit every palate, has become an indispensable ingredient that makes every event an affair to remember. These delicious Rottis can also be enjoyed at ‘The Commons Coffee House’, 39A, Flower road, Colombo 07. For out-door catering ‘The Commons Coffee House’, also prepares an enticing Asian food buffet, which includes a hopper action station as well

ROTTI Take-Away / Deliver REWARDS
  • Collect 10 Coupons – get 1 rotti(savoury or sweet), 1 soft drink and a pc of chocolate biscuit pudding
  • Collect 15 Coupons – get 2 rotttis ( savoury or sweet) and 2 milk shakes
  • Collect 20 Coupons – get 2 rottis (savoury or sweet) 1 chicken kottu and 3 milk shakes
  • Collect 25 Coupons – get a voucher from the rotti cart for Rs: 2000/=
  • Collect 35 Coupons – get a voucher from Commons for Rs: 3000/=

Plain rotti with filling Rs 335
Cheese rotti with filling Rs 360
Egg rotti with filling Rs 360
Choice of Fillings
Tandoori Chicken
Hot BBQ Sausage
Spicy Mexican Crab
Teriyaki Beef
Mustard Roast Chicken
Mutton Khorma
Prawn Masala
Mixed seafood
Seeni Sambol
Mixed Veggie
Cheese and Tomato
Savoury Cheese

Sweet Rotti with Filling Rs 340
Banana & Chocolate
Brownie & Chocolate Sauce
Banana & Honey
Sautéed Apple with Maple Syrup
Peanut Butter Banana & Chocolate
Triple fruit w whipping cream

Chicken Kottu Rs 495
Veggie Kottu Rs 445
Egg Kottu Rs 480
Beef Kottu Rs 495
Isso (prawn) Pini Kottu Rs 510
Mutton Kottu Rs 525
Anam-manam Kottu Rs 525
String-hopper Kottu (chicken, beef) Rs 495
String-hopper Vege Kottu Rs 440
Noodle Kottu (chic) Rs 495
***Add on Cheese For Kottu Rs 100
Commons Special String Godamba (chi) Rs 495

3 Plain Rottis with Chicken/ Beef / Fish or Veggie Curry and Seeni Sambol Rs 510
3 Egg Rottis with Chicken /Beef / Fish or Veggie Curry and Seeni Sambol Rs 550
1 Egg and 2 Plain Rottis with Chicken /Beef/Fish or Veggie Curry and Seeni Sambol Rs 520
3 Pol Rottis with Chicken/Beef/Fish or Veggie Curry and Katta Sambol Rs 510

Above subject to govt tax and service charge
Please contact manager on 2694435 for more information

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