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Garden Dining - Sri Lankan Menu
Please check the “Rotti Cart “ – section on the website for the Rotti menu

Dry fruit & Nut String-hopper Pillau Rs 445
String-hoppers with chicken/fish/beef or vege curry & Kirihodi / Pol sambol Rs 495
Plain rotti with filling Rs 370
Cheese rotti with filling Rs 400
Egg rotti with filling Rs 400
Choice of Fillings
Tandoori Chicken
Hot BBQ Sausage
Spicy Mexican Crab
Teriyaki Beef
Mustard Roast Chicken
Spicy Chicken Wasabi
Prawn Masala
Mixed seafood
Seeni Sambol
Mixed Veggie
Cheese and Tomato
Savoury Cheese
Sweet Rotti with Filling Rs 370
Banana & Chocolate
Brownie & Chocolate Sauce  
Banana & Honey  
Sautéed Apple with Maple Syrup  
Peanut Butter Banana & Chocolate  
Triple fruit w whipping cream   
Combination of 2 stuffed/ 1 plain with Katta Sambol
Choice -
Rs 410
Egg & Seeni Sambol  
Tandoori Chicken  
Prawn Masala  
Crab Meat  
Double Decker Tandoori & Egg with salad Rs 225
Chicken Kottu Rs 570
Veggie Kottu Rs 520
Egg Kottu Rs 525
Beef Kottu Rs 570
Isso (prawn) Pini Kottu Rs 650
Anam-manam Kottu Rs 690
String-hopper Kottu (chicken, beef) Rs 585
String-hopper Vege Kottu Rs 525
Add on Cheese For Kottu Rs 125
String Hoppers  
with chicken/fish/beef or vege curry & Kirihodi / Pol sambol  Rs 550
Hoppers (after 6pm)  
Milk Rs 75 each
Jaggery hopper Rs 85 each
Plain Hopper Rs 65 each
Egg Hopper Rs 85 each
1 Egg/ 3 plain Hoppers with
chicken/fish/beef or vege curry & seeni sambol or katta sambol
Rs 625
Pol Rotti Sandwich
Combination of 2 stuffed and 1 plain with katta sambol
Choice -
Rs 410
Crab meat
Tandoori chicken
Cheese & seeni sambol
Prawn masala
Rotti Platter
( 02 Rottis with filling, 02 Pol Rotti & 01 Egg Godamba Rotti with Chichen Kottu. Chi/Beef/Fish or Vege curry, & Katta or Seeni sambol ) Rs 1450
3 Plain Rottis with Chicken/ Beef / Fish or Veggie Curry and Seeni Sambol Rs 595
3 Egg Rottis with Chicken /Beef / Fish or Veggie Curry and Seeni Sambol Rs 625
1 Egg and 2 Plain Rottis with Chicken/ Beef/Fish or Veggie Curry and Seeni Sambol Rs 600
3 Pol Rottis with Chicken/Beef/Fish or Veggie Curry and Katta Sambol Rs 585
Steam bar (served with pol-kiri)- (after 6pm)
Pittu (2 nos) Rs 245
Savoury Pittu ( 2 nos) Rs 275
Kurukkan pittu ( 2 nos) Rs 275
Sri Lankan Curries
Fish Ambulthiyal Rs 385
Dallo Baduma Rs 395
Kunisso (dried baby prawns) Baduma Rs 450
Chicken black curry    Rs 375
Khadai mutton Rs 525
Mutton Rs 525
Beef Red curry            Rs 390
Babath curry          Rs 300
Dhal curry               Rs 240
Potato Curry Rs 240
Pol Sambol Rs 190

Prices subject to service charge & government taxes
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